About Me

 Welcome! I’m happy you’re here.

I’m Megan.

I started Ginger in Paradise to document my latest adventures and show you how to create your own. If you’ve ever thought about working and living abroad, want to travel cheap, or just want to figure out how in the world a broke millennial can travel so much, you’re in the right place.

Fresh out of college, I still had no idea what I wanted to do for a living. I knew the office grind wasn’t for me, but I was tired of working two part time jobs just to scrape by.

So in October of 2016, I moved to rural Thailand to teach English, and traveled throughout much of Southeast Asia. I fell in love with all of Thailand’s many quirks, and with the lifestyle that working abroad afforded me. I’m back in the states now, currently planning my next great adventure.

Stay tuned!