The Easiest Travel Fund Hack

What if I told you that I found a super simple travel fund hack that could help you save more money towards travel?

You’d be psyched, right? Because when you’re broke, travel seems impossible. I get it. I work a crappy paying job and stress about making my rent and paying my student loans just as much as anyone else. Even after I budget like crazy, I still don’t usually save as much as I want to.

I usually don’t have extra money that isn’t already budgeted toward something. But yet, I always find ways to afford going out to eat with friends, buying morning coffees, and blowing money at Target. It doesn’t seem like a lot at a time–maybe $30 here and there–but it adds up.

But about a year and a half ago I learned a super simple travel fund hack that I want to share. It’s helped me cut out a ton of unnecessary spending and save more money for travel. It only requires you to do one thing:

Research the day-to-day costs of your dream destination.

For example, one day on an island in Thailand will cost about $35-$40. That’s two shirts from Target, or a couple drinks and appetizers with friends.

When I ask myself which I would rather have, it’s an easy choice. I’d rather transfer that $40 I would have spent into my savings account and spend another day in paradise.

This works even if your destination is more expensive. Would you rather have a latte from Starbucks now, or drink one in a cafe in Italy? Do you really need a new pair of shoes, or could that cover a night out in Barcelona?

Using this travel fund hack won’t build you a massive travel fund overnight, but every time you choose to save a little instead of spending, you’re bringing yourself one step closer to the trip of your dreams.

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