Weekend Roundup: Next Vacay, Island Guide, & More!

NOTE: Every Friday, I’ll be posting a few of my favorite travel posts and articles from all around the web, as well as letting you know what I’ve been up to all week. 

This week has been crazy! It was my first “real” week of blogging, and I am becoming acquainted with just how much time it takes to get a post up. Between writing, formatting, photos, promoting, and then going back and realizing I did it all wrong and fixing my mistakes, I feel like I’ve been married to my laptop this week. I’ve learned how much I have to learn. But I’m loving it!

I found a work program that I’m considering for this summer: being an English camp counselor in France! How fun does that sound?! Check it out here. I’m still trying to decide if I actually have the energy for a whole month of camp–my inner grandma is already mad at me. But it sounds like an awesome opportunity to spend a month somewhere beautiful in France! 

Here’s what I was loving this week:

Southeast Asia’s internet economy is growing faster than expected

Quick summary: If you’ve ever wanted to start a travel blog about SE Asia with the intentions of packing up & moving there forever, now’s your moment. (I’m the only one? Oh.) But seriously, I love seeing any news that challenges the idea that SE Asia is just for poor backpackers.

$377 Round Trip Flights to Paris

If you’re looking for tips on how to score cheap flights to Paris, check out this post about Next Vacay. Since flights are often the biggest expense for a trip, I’m always looking for new ways to find amazing deals and Next Vacay seems like an awesome new tool!

Thailand Beaches: 2 Week Island Hopping Itinerary

This is an awesome plan if you’re trying to see the Thai islands in only a couple of weeks. Definitely makes me want to take a quick trip!

The Ultimate Solo Travel Guide to New York

Talk about brave! Solo traveling New York sounds about as intimidating as it gets. This guide is full of awesome tips on where to stay, what to do, and where to eat as a solo traveler. I might be seeing a weekend trip in my future 😉

Hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend! If you’re liking this content, be sure to follow me on Instagram & Pinterest for more!

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